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Welcome to Crimson Lotus!

We are a guild on the realm of Velen, consisting of like-minded players who enjoy a fun, friendly, and casual atmosphere.  The quality of our members take precedence over the quantity and while end-game raiding is our eventual goal, we want to be able to achieve it all with people we can call friends. Towards that end, we believe in welcoming people of all levels, races, and classes, whether a beginning WoW player or an experienced hard-core player.

We are especially looking for people who are ready to do 10-man raids and work towards the 25-man raids. We are looking for mature, dependable people with flexible schedules.

If you are interested in joining, you can apply here and contact an officer (listed to the left) in game. Happy hunting!

Other Guild News

Crimson Lotus

GMDread, Apr 2, 12 7:40 PM.
A reference to the name in real life;

One of the eight cold hells. It is said that the intense cold of this hell makes one's flesh crack open so that it has the appearance of crimson lotus flowers. According to The Great Commentary on the Abhidharma and The Dharma Analysis Treasury, this hell and the hell of the great crimson lotus constitute the seventh and the eighth of the eight cold hells

Yes, we are all damned

Welcome a New Officer and an Old Officer!

GMDread, Mar 30, 12 10:26 PM.
    We would like to welcome Mandimay and the return of Reddemon as officers to our guild.  We are excited for this addition on evolving the guild forward and into the next expansion. 

Endings and New Beginnings

Shaylynne, Aug 10, 10 1:42 AM.
I write this with a heavy heart at the loss of some great guild members and yet my heart holds hope for our guild's future, as well. Though we've lost some people, it's not the end as some might think. In playing this game, one thing I've come to learn and understand is that guild dynamics change all the time. People come and go for one reason or another. Yes, sometimes it's very sad and there are regrets, but in the end things have a way of working out for everyone involved. To those that left, I wish you all the best and hope that we cross paths again and/or continue to keep in touch. Whatever happens, let's all keep in mind the most important rule of this's a game and real life people with real life feelings play this game. I hope that our guild members will respect our wishes that there be no bad-mouthing of any of the former members and that we all remember the good times we had together. I hope those that left can remember the same.

I have no idea exactly what the future holds, but I do know that Crimson Lotus is still around and will continue to be. Even if we get down to 5 members, it's still a guild. We will rebuild and we will move on towards our goal of being ready when Cataclysm comes out. It's going to take some hard work and dedication, but we can do it and we will do it. We invite those that are still with us and those that join to get involved and help make this guild what you want and expect from a guild. Nothing just comes to those who want something, unless you're extremely lucky. It all comes from hard work and the belief that we can do it. I believe we can.

To that end, I invite everyone to a guild meeting on August 22nd at 3 pm server time. I haven't picked a location and we may not even have a location, but have it through guild chat instead. We'll see as the time comes and what people may favor. The main purpose of this guild meeting will be to touch base and see who we have left, where we want to go from here, and share ideas/goals. All suggestions are appreciated and attendance is most definitely invited. So, until then, I leave you with these words:

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.~
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Casual players, PvP'rs, and those for running 10man raids. At least one more healer, and maybe a tank would be great for the 10man.
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